Our force-free, positivity-focused techniques help you and your dog find harmony! Our science-based methods are easily applied by owners of all sizes and ages, and help to foster a bond between you and your dog built on mutual respect and affection.


Our Location is Your Location

All of our training is done at your location. This allows us to see the dog’s behaviour in her natural habitat, at the stimulus level she's used to. This tailored program style means that your dog has our undivided attention and can often elicit results in a shorter timeframe than traditional off-location classes.

Work can be done indoors, in the yard, around the neighbourhood, and at your doggy's typical outing locations! We typically serve residents of the western and southwestern portions of the Greater Ottawa area.

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Where to Begin

We believe that every dog requires a plan focused solely on his and his owner’s needs. Our services are laid out so that you can easily identify what your dog most needs right now.

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Skill-building packages for dogs

Custom plans for doggy issues

Dogs on the Job sensitivity training

Humans Need Training, Too!

 We put special emphasis on owner education. With many differing methods of dog training out there, it is easy for owners to end up confused about why their dog isn’t responding to their various efforts to teach them. We truly believe that dogs and humans must learn to live in harmony if they are to fully benefit from sharing their lives together.

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